Lunch Menu

pepper Hot & Spicy

Every spicy dish can be adjusted

Please remind the attendant if you are vegetarian or you need gluten-free food or any concern of food.

Luncheon Special (午餐)

L1. Chicken Broccoli (芥兰鸡)   $6.95

L2. Beef Broccoli (芥兰牛)   $7.25

L3. Sesame Chicken (芝麻鸡)   $6.95

pepperL4. General Tao’s Chicken (左宗鸡)   $6.95

pepperL5. Orange Chicken (陈皮鸡)  $6.95

L6.Pork Dry Bean Curd (香干肉丝)   $6.95

pepperL7.Pork Triple Julienne (肉炒三丝)   $6.95

pepperL8.Pork Garlic Sauce (鱼香肉丝)   $6.95

pepperL9.Chicken Garlic Sauce (鱼香鸡丝)   $6.95

pepperL10.Kung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁)   $6.95

pepperL11.Shredded Pork Wild Chili Pepper (小椒肉丝)   $6.95

pepperL12.Shredded Beef Wild Chili Pepper (小椒牛丝)   $7.25

pepperL13.MaPo Tofu (麻婆豆腐)   $6.50

pepperL14.Tofu Home Style (家常豆腐)   $6.50

pepperL15.Eggplant Garlic Sauce (鱼香茄子)   $6.95

L16.Sauteed Cabbage (清炒包菜)   $6.50

L17.Mustard Green (清炒芥菜)   $6.95

L18.Chinese Broccoli (中国芥兰)   $6.95

L19.Garlic Spinach (蒜茸菠菜)   $6.95

L20.Baby Bok Choy (清炒青冈菜)   $6.95

L21.Sauteed String Bean (干煸四季豆)   $6.50

pepperL22.Shredded Potato w/Wild Chili Pepper (尖椒土豆丝)   $6.50

For Items No.15-21, If Adding Tofu, Chicken or Pork. $1 additional

Adding Beef or Shrimp, $2 additional. Adding Jumbo Shrimp, $3 additional

L23.Chow Funs (各式河粉)   $6.25

L24.Mei Funs (各式米粉)   $5.95

L25.Lo Mein (各式捞面)   $5.95

L26.Fried Rice (各式炒饭)   $5.95

For Items No.23-26, Choice of Veg, Chicken, or Pork.

If Beef or Shrimp or House Style $1 additional

pepperL27.Singapore Rice Noodles (星洲米粉)   $6.95