pepper Hot & Spicy

Every spicy dish can be adjusted

Please remind the attendant if you are vegetarian or you need gluten-free food or any concern of food.

Soup (可口靓汤)

Miso Soup (味僧汤)   $2.95

pepperHot & Sour Soup (酸辣汤)   $2.95

Vege.Tofu Soup(For 2) (青菜豆腐汤)   $5.95

Tomato Egg Drop Soup(For 2) (番茄蛋花汤)   $5.95

Minced Chicken Corn Soup (鸡茸玉米汤)   $2.95

Home-style Wonton Soup (乡味馄饨汤)   $2.95

Noodle Soup (各式汤面)

Veg.Noodle Soup (素菜汤面)   $8.25

Seafood Noodle Soup (海鲜汤面)   $11.95

Pickled Mustard & Pork Noodle Soup (榨菜肉丝面)   $9.95

Pickled Cabbage & Pork Noodle Soup (雪菜肉丝面)   $9.95

Stew Beef Noodle Soup (红烧牛腩面)   $10.95

pepperSichuan Style Beef Brisket Noodle Soup (川味牛腩面)   $11.95

If adding a fried egg,$1 additional

Home-Style Appetizers (风味小吃)

Vege.Spring Roll(2) (素春卷)   $3.25

Scallion pancakes (葱油饼)   $4.95

Vege.Dumplings(Boiled or Pan-Fried) (素水饺)   $5.95

Pan-Fried Wonton(8) (香煎馄饨)   $5.95

Chicken Dumpling(Boiled or Pan-Fried) (鸡肉水饺)   $5.95

Chinese Leeks Dumplings(Boiled or Pan-Fried) (韭菜肉饺)   $5.95

Xiao Long Bao(Special soup Dumplings) (灌汤小笼包)   $5.95

pepperDan dan Noodle (担担面)   $5.95

The more Dim Sum items will be added on the menu

Dim Sum (点心)

Crystal Shrimp Dumplings(4) (水晶虾饺)   $5.95

Shu Mai(4) (烧卖)   $5.50

Shrimp Fun Guo(3) (鲜虾粉果)   $4.95

Steamed Roast Pork Bun(2) (蜜汁叉烧包)   $3.50

Pan-Seared Turnip Cakes(3) (腊味萝卜糕)   $4.95

Steamed Bean Curd Sheet Rolls(3) (蠔油鲜竹卷)   $5.25

Cristal Vege. Dumplings(4) (水晶素饺)   $4.95

Vege. Style Turnip Cakes(3) (素萝卜糕)   $4.95

Chinese Chives Cakes(3) (韭菜饼)   $4.95

Sticky Rice in Lotus Warp(1) (糯米鸡)   $4.95

Special Steamed Chicken Feet (豉汁凤爪)   $4.95

Sticky Rice Rolls(3) (糯米卷)   $4.95

Crispy Shrimp Balls (酥炸虾丸)   $5.50

Dim Sum Combination(4) (点心组合)   $6.25
Shu Mai, Fun Kor, Sticky Rice Roll and Roast Pork Bun

Special Cold Dishes (特色冷盘)

Sesame Cold Noodles (芝麻凉面)   $5.95

pepperCucumber Salad (蒜泥黄瓜)   $4.95
Garlic Flavor,spicy or None spicy

pepperSichuan Style Jelly (川北凉粉)   $5.95

pepperAppetizing Sichuan Style Chicken (口水鸡)   $6.95

pepperFu-Chi FeiPien (夫妻肺片)   $8.95

pepperSpecial Spicy Pig’s Ear (红油耳丝)   $6.95

pepperMa-La Boneless Pig’s Feet (麻辣蹄花)   $7.25

pepperMa-La Beef Tendon (麻辣牛筋)   $8.95

Chicken & Duck (鸡鸭佳肴)

Chicken Mixed Farm Vegetables (农菜鸡)   $11.95
Mixed with Baby BokChoy,Mustard Green and Spinach or select with any single-item vegetable

Chicken w.Broccoli (芥蓝鸡)   $9.95

Sesame Chicken (芝麻鸡)   $11.95

Chicken w.Spring onion (葱爆鸡)   $10.95

Braised Chicken w.Chestnut (红烧板栗鸡)   $12.95

pepperGeneral Tso’s Chicken (左宗鸡)   $11.95

pepperOrange Chicken (陈皮鸡)   $11.95

pepperCumin Chicken (孜然鸡)   $12.95
Stir-fried sliced chicken w.onion,green pepper,red pepper using toasted cumin

pepperSichuan Style Dry Braised Chicken (香锅鸡)   $12.95
Sliced chicken w.mushrooms,leeks,bamboo shoots,water chestnuts,celery,onion,and green pepper in special spicy sauce,served in a sizzling mini wok

pepperKung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁)   $11.95
Made with diced-chicken,peanuts,celery,and chili pepper,in special savory Sichuan style sauce

pepperSpecial Spicy Chicken (辣子鸡丁)   $12.95
Fried diced chicken with spicy dried red pepper

pepperShredded Chicken w.Garlic Sauce (鱼香鸡丝)   $11.95
Made with shredded chicken,bamboo shoots & woodear in garlic sauce

pepperMa-la Chicken w.Tofu in Hot Sauce (麻辣豆花鸡)   $13.95

Crispy Duck (香酥鸭)   $14.95

pepperDry Braised Beer Duck (香锅啤酒鸡)   $15.95
Diced bone in duck with mushrooms,leeks bamboo shoots,water chestnuts, celery,onion,and green pepper in special Sichuan style spicy sauce and beer,served in a sizzling mini wok

Beef & Lamb (牛羊佳肴)

Mixed Farm Veg.w.Beef (农菜牛)   $13.95

Beef w.Broccoli (芥蓝牛)   $13.25

Beef w.Spring Onions (葱爆牛)   $13.25

Beef w.Green Pepper & Onions (青椒牛)   $13.25

Beef(Bone-in) w.Black Pepper Sauce(黑椒牛仔骨)   $15.25

pepperOrange Beef (陈皮牛)   $13.95

pepperCumin Beef (孜然牛)   $14.95
Stir-fried sliced beef w.onion,green pepper,red pepper using toasted cumin

pepperSichuan Style Dry Braised Beef (香锅牛)   $14.95
Sliced beef with mushrooms,leeks,bamboo shoots,water chestnuts,celery,onion,and green pepper in special Sichuan style spicy sauce,served in a sizzling mini wok

pepperSichuan Boiled Beef (水煮牛)   $14.95
Boiled thinly sliced beef matched with napa in special spicy Sichuan style sauce

pepperBeef Brisket Hot Pot (砂锅牛腩煲)   $14.95
Choices of Sichuan spicy sauce,curry sauce or brown sauce

pepperShredded Beef w.Chili Pepper (小椒牛肉丝)   $14.95

Lamb w.Spring Onions (葱爆羊)   $14.25

pepperCumin Lamb (孜然羊)   $14.95
Stir-fried sliced lamb w.onion,green pepper,red pepper using toasted cumin

pepperSichuan Style Dry Braised Lamb (香锅羊)   $15.95
Sliced Lamb with mushrooms,leeks,bamboo shoots,water chestnuts,celery,onion,and green pepper in special Sichuan style spicy sauce,served in a sizzling mini wok

pepperBeef in Hot n/Sour Broth  (酸汤肥牛)      $16.95
With Crystal Noodle, Cabbage, Lily Mushroom, and Pickle Vegetable

pepperRed Braised Lamb  (红焖羊肉)        $17.95
With Crystal Noodle, Black Mushroom, Cabbage, and Red Date

Pork (猪肉佳肴)

Pork Mixed Farm Vegetables (农菜肉)   $10.95

Pork w.Broccoli (芥蓝肉)   $9.95

Pork with Spring Onions (葱爆肉)   $10.95

Red Cooked Pork (红烧肉)   $12.95
Cubed cuts of pork belly braised in soy sauce and fragrant spices,occompanied by baby bokchoy,with a special savory sweet flavor

House Cured Pork (蒜苗腊肉)   $12.95
Stir-fried cured pork w.leeks

Braised Pork w.Pickled Veg. (梅菜扣肉)   $12.95
Steamed sliced pork belly with preserved vegetables

Shredded Pork and w.Dry Bean Curd (香干肉丝)   $11.95
Made w.shredded pork,dry bean curd and Chinese celery

Beijing Style Shredded Pork (京酱肉丝)   $12.95
Served w.Fresh shredded Cucumber and 4-pancake

pepperShredded Pork w.Garlic Sauce (鱼香肉丝)   $11.95
Made with shredded pork,bamboo shoots & woodear in garlic sauce

pepperShredded Pork w.Chili Pepper (小椒肉丝)   $12.95
pepperShredded Pork w.Triple Julienne (肉炒三丝)   $11.95
Made w.shredded pork,shredded potato,and spicy green pepper

pepperCumin Pork (孜然肉)   $12.95
Stir-fried sliced pork w.onion,green pepper,red pepper using toasted cumin

pepperTwice Cooked Pork (回锅肉)   $11.95
Stir-fried thinly sliced pork belly with leeks,and green pepper using special Sichuan style spicy-sweet sauce

pepperSichuan Boiled Pork (水煮肉片)   $12.95
Boiled thinly sliced pork matched with napa in special spicy Sichuan style sauce

pepperMapo Tofu Pork (麻婆豆腐)   $10.25
Soft tofu in hot meat sauce

pepperStir Fried Kidney (火爆腰花)   $11.95
Made with engraved pork kidney,squash,and woodear in Sichuan style spicy sauce

pepperStir Fried Intestines w.Chili Pepper (尖椒肥肠)   $12.95

pepperSichuan Style Dry Braised Intestines (香锅肥肠)   $12.95

Chinese Style Sweet/Sour Spare Ribs (糖醋排骨)   $12.95
Fried lightly battered spare ribs,coated in a super delicious sweet and sour sauce

Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs (椒盐排骨)   $12.95

pepperSpecial Spicy Spare Ribs (香辣排骨)   $14.95
Made with tender spare ribs,topped with peanuts and sesame

pepperSichuan Style Dry Braised Chaxingu (香锅茶树菇)   $13.95
Made with the Agrocybe aegerita mushroom and house cured pork served in a mini wok

pepperSichuan Style Dry Braised Pork (干锅肉片)   $12.95
Made wit

Delicacies Of Seafood & Fish (海鲜佳肴)

Mixed Farm Veg.w.Jumbo Shrimp (农菜大虾)   $14.95

Salt & Pepper Jumbo Shrimp (椒盐大虾)   $14.95

pepperJumbo Shrimp w.Garlic Sauce (鱼香大虾)   $14.95
Made with jumbo shrimp,bamboo shoots & woodear in garlic sauce

pepperKung Pao Jumbo Shrimp (宫保大虾)   $14.95
Made with jumbo shrimp,peanuts,celery,and chili pepper,in special savory Sichuan style sauce

pepperSpecial Spicy Jumbo Shrimp (香辣大虾)   $15.95
Fried jumbo shrimp w.onion,celery & Sichuan style spicy sauce

Salt & Pepper Squid (椒盐鱿鱼)   $12.95

pepperSpecial Spicy Squid (香辣鱿鱼)   $12.95

Salt & Pepper Seafood Delight (椒盐三鲜)   $16.95
Made with scallop,jumbo shrimp and squid

pepperFish Fillet w.Spicy Bean Sauce (豆瓣鱼片)   $14.95
Lightly fried fish fillet with sweet fermented rice in special Sichuan style bean sauce

pepperSichuan Boiled Fish Fillet (水煮鱼片)   $14.95
Boiled fish fillet matched with napa,celery,and leeks in special spicy Sichuan style sauce

pepperMa-la Fish Fillet w.Tofu in Hot Sauce (麻辣豆花鱼)   $14.95
Lightly fried fish fillet with soft tofu in special Sichuan style spicy sauce,topped with yellow bean

Steamed Stripe Bass (清蒸全鱼)   $23.95

pepperBraised Whole Fish w.Spicy Bean Sauce (豆瓣全鱼)   $23.95

pepperBraised Whole Fish w.Spicy Minced Pork (干烧全鱼)   $23.95

pepperSpecial Boiled Whole Fish (沸腾全鱼)   $24.95

pepperSpecial Grill Whole Fish (香烤全鱼)   $26.95

Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab  (椒盐软壳蟹)   $17.95

pepperSpecial Spicy Soft Shell Crab (香辣软壳蟹)   $17.95
Crispy soft-shell crab with onion,celery&Sichuan style spicy pepper

pepperDry Braised Seafood Paradise (海鲜一锅端)   $17.95
Scallop,Jumbo Shrimp,Fish fillet,Squid and vegetables with special spicy sauce served in a mini sizzling wok

Seafood & Tofu Hot-pot (海鲜豆腐煲)   $17.95
Made with scallop,jumbo shrimp,crab,squid and Tofu in special sauce,served in a hot pot

pepperTwice cook Fish fillet (回锅鱼片)   $14.95

pepperSichuan Style Dry Braised Fish fillet (干锅鱼片)   $14.95

Dishes Of Tofu & Vegetables (各式豆腐蔬菜)

Mixed Farm Veg.w.Tofu (农家豆腐)   $9.95

pepperHome Style Tofu (家常豆腐)   $9.95
Fried tofu with mushrooms,snow pea,bamboo shoots,green pepper,serve in spicy brown sauce

Salt & Pepper Tofu (椒盐豆腐)   $9.95

pepperGeneral Tso’s Tofu (左宗豆腐)   $9.95

pepperKung Pao Tofu (宫保豆腐)   $9.95
Made with diced tofu,peanuts,celery,and chili pepper,in special savory Sichuan style sauce

pepperSpecial Spicy Tofu (辣子豆腐)   $9.95

pepperDry Braised Tofu (香锅豆腐)   $10.25
Fried tofu with mushrooms,leeks,water chestnuts, celery,onion,and green pepper in special Sichuan style spicy sauce,served in a sizzling mini wok

pepperTry Tofu w.Garlic Sauce (鱼香豆干)   $9.95

pepperVegetarian Ma-Po Tofu (素麻婆豆腐)   $9.95

Baby BokChoy (清炒青冈菜)   $9.95

Mustard Green (清炒芥菜)   $9.95

Chinese Broccoli (中国芥蓝)   $9.95

Sauteed Cabbage (清炒包菜)   $9.95

Garlic Spinach (蒜耳菠菜)   $9.95

Sauteed String Beans (干煸四季豆)   $9.95

Baby BokChoy w.Black Mushroom (冬菇菜心)   $10.25

pepperWild Chili Shredded Potato (尖椒土豆丝)   $9.95

pepperEggplant w.Garlic Sauce (鱼香茄子)   $9.95

Sauteed Eggplant w.Special Brown Sauce (酱爆茄子)   $9.95

Fresh Triple Delight (地三鲜)   $9.95
Fried potato,eggplant and green pepper in special brown sauce

Green Jade Delight (翡翠三素)   $10.25
Sauteed string bean,snow pea and broccoli

Vegetables Delight (什锦素菜)   $10.25
Mixed w.Mustard Green,Tufu Skin,Carrot,Black-fungus 

Asparagus (清炒芦笋)   $S.P.

Pea Greens (清炒豆苗)   $S.P.

Water Spinach (清炒空心菜)   $S.P.

Fried Rice & Noodles (米面主食)

Lo Mein Noodles (各式捞面)   $8.25
Lo Meins-(Choice of Vegetable,Pork,Chicken-If Beef or Shrimp or Home styled,$1 additional.)(可选择素菜,猪肉,鸡肉。如选择牛肉,虾,或本楼另加$1)

Mei Funs (各式米粉)   $8.28
Mei funs-$(Choice of Vegetable,Pork,Chicken-If Beef or Shrimp or Home styled or Singapore style,$1 additional.)

Chow Funs (各式河粉)   $8.95
Chow Funs-(Choice of Vegetable,Pork,Chicken-If Beef or Shrimp or Home styled,$1 additional.)

Fried Rice (各式炒饭)   $8.25
Fried Rice-(Choice of Vegetable,Pork,Chicken-If Beef or Shrimp or Home styled or Yangzhou style,$1 additional.)

Desserts (甜品)

TangYuan Soup(5) (清甜汤圆)   $3.50

Sesame Cakes(2) (芝麻豆沙饼)   $3.50

TangYuan Soup(2) (清甜南瓜饼)   $3.50

Japanese Cuisine

未标题-1 Raw

Note:Consuming raw or undercooked meats,poultry,seafood,shellfish,or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness,

especially if you have certain medical conditions.


*Sushi/Sashimi 2pcs

未标题-1Tuna           $6

未标题-1Yellowtail     $6

未标题-1Pepper Tuna    $6

未标题-1Striped Bass    $4.5

未标题-1Squid    $5

未标题-1Jumbo Sweet Shrimp    $8

未标题-1Tobiko    $4.5

未标题-1Saba(Mackerel)    $4.5

未标题-1Unagi(Eel)    $5

未标题-1White Tuna    $5

未标题-1Red Clam    $5

未标题-1Salmon    $5

Smoked Salmon    $5

未标题-1Fluke    $5

未标题-1Salmon Roe    $5.5

Ebi(Shrimp)    $5

未标题-1Red Snapper    $4.5

未标题-1Masago    $4

未标题-1Tako(Octopus)    $5

Tamago(Egg)    $3.5

未标题-1Kani(Crab)    $4

未标题-1Scallop       $6


未标题-1Tuna Salmon Tartares            $8.95
Seaweed salad,cucumber,spicy sauce,tuna,salmon,mango,wasabi

未标题-1Spicy Crab Meat Salad            $5.5

未标题-1Yellowtail Jalapeno            $8.95

AV Salad                     $4.95

未标题-1Tuna Tataki            $8.95

Fish Tempura Salad      $9.95


未标题-1Maki Combo (Alaska Roll,Tuna Roll,California Roll)            $15.5

未标题-1Spicy Maki Combo            $17.6
Spicy tuna,spicy  salmon,spicy yellowtail

Sushi & Sashimi Combination Box           $91.95
(15 pcs of assorted sushi,24 pcs of sashimi,1 kani roll)

Sushi Special            $38.95
(18 pcs sushi with one tuna roll and rainbow roll)

Sashimi Special (33 pcs Sashimi)             $41.95


Unagi Don (seasoned rice topped with broiled eel)            $18.95

Chirashi Don (seasoned rice topped with a variety of raw fish)            $18.95

Sushi Rolls

Cucumber Roll            $3.95

Avocado Roll           $3.95

未标题-1Eel Cucumber Roll            $6.5

Eel AV Roll            $6.5

未标题-1Tuna Roll            $5.25

未标题-1Tuna AV Roll            $5.25

未标题-1Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll            $6.5

未标题-1Oshinko Roll            $3.95

未标题-1Salmon Roll            $5.25

未标题-1Salmon AV Roll            $5.25

未标题-1Spicy California Roll            $5.25

未标题-1Spicy Tuna Roll            $5.95

未标题-1Spicy Yellowtail Roll            $5.95

未标题-1Spicy Crab Roll            $5.25

未标题-1Spicy Salmon Roll            $5.95

未标题-1Spicy Scallop            $7.95

未标题-1Salmon Skin Roll            $4.95

California Roll           $5.25

未标题-1AAC Roll (Avocado,asparagus,cucumber)           $4.95

未标题-1Peanut AV Roll (contains nuts)          $4.5

未标题-1Alaska Roll (Salmon,Avocado,cucumber)            $5.25

未标题-1Philadelphia Roll (Smoked salmon,cucumber w.Cream Cheese)             $5.95

未标题-1Boston Roll (Shrimp,lettuce,Cucumber,Mayo)           $5.5

Vegetable Roll (Cucumber,AV,oshinko,carrot)           $4.25

Special Rolls

Shrimp Tempura           $8.95
Shrimp,Cucumber,avocado and masago on the outside

Sakura Roll           $13.95
Outside:white tuna

Spicy Girl           $12.95
Inside:spicy crab,avocado,mango.
Outside:Smoked salmon,eel sauce,spicy sauce

未标题-1Magic Roll           $12.95
Inside:spicy tuna
Outside:tuna,salmon,eel,crab,avocado,eel sauce,spicy sauce,wasabi sauce

未标题-1Tokyo Roll           $12.95
Inside:tuna,salmon,white tuna,avocado,spicy sauce

Dragon Roll           $10.95
Inside eel,cucumber.Avocado on the top.Eel sauce

Spider Roll           $9.95
Fried soft crab,avocado,lettuce,masago on the top.Eel sauce,spicy sauce

未标题-1Rainbow Roll           $9.95
Outside:tuna,salmon,white fish,avocado

未标题-1Pink Sandwich Roll           $13.95
Spicy tuna,avocado,eel,eel sauce,soy bean paper

未标题-1Dynamic Roll           $10.95
Spicy salmon roll w.spicy crab on the top

Angel Roll           $12.95
Inside:seaweed salad,spicy crab,avocado.
Outside:scallop on the top.Wasabi sauce,spicy sauce

Volcano Roll           $10.95
Inside:cream cheese,white fish,AV.
Outside:masago,Crunchy onion,eel sauce,spicy sauce

New York Roll           $12.95
(shrimp tempura,cream cheese,topped with crabmeat and eel sauce)

HongKong Roll           $12.95
(shrimp tempura,cucumber.Topped spicy tuna)

Oriental Taste Roll           $13.95
(shrimp tempura,jalapeno,crab.Topped w.lobster salad)

Eel Dragon Roll           $14.95

(shrimp tempura,jalapeno,asparagus.Topped w.eel)

Golden Rooster Roll        $13.95

(Chicken Tempura, Lettuce, Avocado, Jalapeno, Wrapped with Soy Bean Paper, Topped with Eel Sauce and Spicy Sauce.)

未标题-1Tiger Roll       $12.95

(Tuna, Salmon, Avocado, Topped with Yellowtail, Jalapeno and Chili Sauce.)

Pink Lady Roll      $14.95

(Shrimp Tempura, Eel, Spicy Tuna, Avocado. Wrapped with Soy Bean Paper. Topped with Eel Sauce and Spicy Sauce.)

Lunch Specials

(Any 3 rolls for $10.95,Any 2 rolls for $7.95)

Alaska Roll

California Roll

Salmon Roll

Salmon Skin Roll

Cucumber Roll

Tuna Roll

Yellowtail Roll

Peanut AV Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll

Spicy Yellowtail Roll

Boston Roll

Philadelphia Roll

Salmon AV Roll

AV Roll

Cucumber AV Roll

Tuna AV Roll

Eel AV Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spicy Crab Roll

未标题-1Sushi Lunch (5 pcs sushi and 1 California Roll)         $9.75

未标题-1Sushi & Sashimi Lunch            $13.95

4 pcs sushi,6 pcs Sashimi,1 Tuna Roll

未标题-1Sashimi Lunch (10 pcs Sashimi)           $11.95


未标题-1Sushi w.Sashimi Combo           $24.95

6 pcs of sushi,10 pcs of Sashimi,1 California Roll

未标题-1Sushi Regular (8 pcs California Roll)              $16.95

未标题-1Sashimi Regular (12 pcs Sashimi)              $18.95

未标题-1Sushi Deluxe (10 pcs of sushi and tuna rolls)              $19.95

未标题-1Sashimi Deluxe (18 pcs Sashimi)            $24.95